Friday, February 22, 2013

Agenda February 22

Things to work on:
  • 15 minutes on the Mathfocus7 website (Measurement - Chap ) or Mathletics site
  • 30 minutes of reading (every night)  
  • Record and return your practice sheet from the last two weeks (~10 minutes per day).  Be prepared for instrument testing on Tuesday.  If parents/guardians have questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Froese at
  • Research and begin writing Rotary speeches - presented on March 27
  • Optional Young Authors Submissions - due to Mr. Conroy by March 4
  • Study for the Poetry Unit test (Thurs)
  • Bring PE strip (Mon)
  • 1 hour of PAL (every day)
  • Sunnybrae fees (ongoing)          
  • Movie Night this Friday at 6 pm in the gym - fundraiser for Mrs. Ross and Mrs. T's class trip
  • Pink Day - Wednesday
  • Swimming Field trip form and $1.50 due by Monday (swimming on Tuesday, Feb 26) - we are short on drivers
  • Friday Chess Club - in Mrs Thompson's room at lunch
Marks Handed out Today:
  1. Math HW pgs 65 and 66   /14
  2. Science Experiment Journal    /4

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